Unity ARKit By Example: Part 4

  • We subscribe to three Unity-ARKit-Plugin image anchor events; added, updated, and removed
  • For the most part, this script is self-explanatory; except it turns out the removed event is never fired. When the image is out of view of the camera viewfinder, an updated event with the isTracked property equal to false is triggered
  • We can leave the bundle identifier as we had before
  • Make sure to only include the ImageAnchor scene in the build
  • Cube: The prefab to generate
  • Dumbbell: The point cloud of the dumbbell
  • DumbbellDetector: The script (below)
  • ObjectAnchor: The scene
  • RefObj: The reference object
  • RefObjsSet: The reference objects set
  • This code is very similar to the image tracking example; basically we are responding to object instead of image events
  • The objects are not tracked in the same way images are, e.g., moving the dumbbell around does not move the GameObject
  • Found the object detection to be fussy; have to get the object in the same lighting for the detection to work
  • For whatever reason, could not get a public ARReferenceObjectAsset to be visible in the component inspector; instead exposed a string (referenceObjectName)
  • Plane detection (horizontal and vertical)
  • ARWorldMap; persistence and/or sharing of AR experiences
  • Face detection and tracking




Broad infrastructure, development, and soft-skill background

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John Tucker

John Tucker

Broad infrastructure, development, and soft-skill background

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