Glad that you found it helpful. I just downloaded a fresh version of the repository, did a `npm install` (repo doesn’t use Yarn) and ran the command `./node_modules/.bin/webpack`. It compiled fine.

Looking at your fix (obviously worked for ), it seems (from their documentation) that given the conditions the setting you provided is the correct (but default) value. With the following logic:

“target”: “es5” (from tsconfig.json)

target === “ES3” or “ES5” ? “CommonJS” : “ES6” (from docs)

module === “AMD” or “System” or “ES6” ? “Classic” : “Node” (from docs)

Following this, you end up with Node (but doesn’t hurt to be explicit either)

My guess is that somehow your environment interpreted this logic different.

My thoughts are:

  1. Maybe you used Yarn and got a slightly different version of the dependencies (but the docs still would say Node is the default).
  2. Did notice that I used lowercase es5 vs. upper-case ES5. I just changed in the repository for consistency.

Bottom line, your configuration is correct (albeit redundant); at least on my machine.

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