So, I actually explored OpenShift as it is used on a project that I was exploring; am already familiar with a more generic Kubernetes installation. I see three challenges with OpenShift.

  1. OpenShift, at the start, gets one use to using a GUI to manage the cluster resources. But, long term the accepted proper way to manage infrastructure (including Kubernetes) is using code
  2. OpenShift introduces some new concepts on top of Kubernetes that at first appear to be helpful, but it turns out that with just a bit of work you can accomplish much of what OpenShift gives your pretty easily
  3. As you scale, the pricing model for supported OpenShift is painfully expensive.

Bottom line, I learned OpenShift for that project and have moved onto a more generic Kubernetes implementation after that. BUT… I do not mind someone (AWS) managing the control plane as they do with EKS; very lightweight intrusion and adds some important integrations to AWS.

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