Backstage by Example (Part 1)

Getting Started

The Backstage Getting Started document provides us with a Backstage App (project) with sample data. To understand the sample data, it is useful to examine the entity relationship diagram (ERD) and entities for Backstage.

Getting Started, configuring Backstage

The Backstage Getting Started, configuring Backstage document walks us through several common configuration tasks.

Install and configure PostgreSQL

In the Getting Started document, we used a temporary SQLite database to support the Backstage App; in this document we transition to using a permanent PostgreSQL database.

$ docker-compose up -d
$ source
$ yarn dev

Setting up authentication

Following the document, we will use GitHub for authentication. Here, however, we use a GitHub Organization account instead of a Personal account.

  • We first observe that by using the Settings menu option, we can see who we are logged in with; presumably seeing our name (and maybe avatar image)
  • The list of sample User entities does not list ourselves
  • It is easy to miss, but before we enabled authentication we saw that we owned a number of Components as we were associated with the guest User entity. After we enabled authentication, we own no Components; thus we are not associated with the guest User entity

Setting up a GitHub Integration

Continuing to follow the document, we setup an integration to our GitHub organization. As we have a GitHub Organization account, we will use a GitHub App instead of a Personal Access Token.

Login and Backstage and check profile

After starting the Backstage App, we can finish up by following the instructions Login to Backstage and check profile.

Next Steps

In the next article, Backstage by Example (Part 2), we clean-up the Backstage App for our use.



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