AWS SSO, Okta Universal Directory, and OpenLDAP by Example

  • AWS bootstrap, e.g.,
  • Okta admin, e.g., (wanted to use but already used
  • AWS log archive: e.g.,
  • AWS audit, .e.g.,
  • Developer, e.g.,


$ sudo -i
# apt update
# apt install slapd ldap-utils
# dpkg-reconfigure slapd
  • Base DNS name; in my case
  • Organization name: in my case Larkin & Tucker, LLC
  • (LDAP) Administrator password
$ ldapadd \
-x \
-D "cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com" \
$ ldappasswd \
-x \
-D "cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com" \
-S "uid=example-aws,ou=people,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com"

Okta Universal Directory

#  wget
# dpkg -i OktaLDAPAgent-05.10.00_amd64.deb
# /opt/Okta/OktaLDAPAgent/scripts/
  • Okta Base URL , in my case
  • LDAP server hostname: localhost
  • LDAP admin DN: cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com
  • LDAP admin password: The LDAP administrator password
  • Base DN, in my case, dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com
  • Use SSL: n
  • LDAP server port: 389
  • Enable proxy: n
  • LDAP Version: OpenLDAP (sets many default values for us)
  • User Search Base: in my case, ou=people,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com
  • Group Search Base: in my case, ou=groups,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com
  • Okta username format: User Id (UID)@Domain
  • Example username: in my case,

Create AWS Account


  • Log archive email: e.g.,
  • Audit email, .e.g.,

Single Sign-On Between Okta Universal Directory and AWS

Creating a Developer and Developers Group

$ ldapadd \
-x \
-D "cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com" \
$ ldappasswd \
-x \
-D "cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com" \
-S "uid=example-developer,ou=people,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com"

Revisiting the AWSAccountFactory (and Others) Group

$ ldapmodify -x -D "cn=admin,dc=larkintuckerllc,dc=com" -w "ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD" -f modify.ldif

Wrap Up




Broad infrastructure, development, and soft-skill background

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John Tucker

John Tucker

Broad infrastructure, development, and soft-skill background

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