After confirming that you are one of the top contributors to Redux, I went ahead and corrected that article; giving you the credit (and link to your GitHub account) for the relevant portion of the FAQ.


“turns out that the Redux team (specifically, Mark Erikson) addresses this issue in the FAQ; we will follow his advice and use the reselect module.”

Also, took a peek at the Practical Redux series and the use of redux-orm synchronized with me; likely will switch gears on my next project and use this library. As such, thought to update my series with an addendum.


Since I wrote this series, I was made aware of another library (redux-orm) that addresses several of the nagging pain-points that I have had with Redux:

  • Writing similar complex chunks of code (reducers, selectors, and action creators) for different data types.
  • Handling relationships between data types.

The series of articles, Practical Redux, by Mark Erikson provides an excellent discussion on redux-orm as well as a number of other practical topics.

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