A solution for stateful, yet interchangeable, workloads.

The Challenge

Let us consider the situation were we need to run a stateful Kubernetes workloads on a Cluster; the standard solution is to run it as a StatefulSet.

Learning that we can have our cake (using familiar Python) and eat it too (with type checking).

A couple of years ago, I wrote off Python in favor of Go as my go-to general-purpose programming language. This decision was largely informed by my experience living through the transition from JavaScript…

A representative example of an event-driven application on Google Cloud Platform.

The example is an application that automates the creation / deletions of records in a Google Cloud DNS internal Zone based on Google Compute Engine Instance insert, start, stop, and delete events.

The following diagram illustrates the Google…

An example of using Kubernetes snapshots.

The examples for this article are available for download. Also, while these examples are specific to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the same concepts apply to other cloud providers, e.g., AWS and Elastic Kubernetes Engine (EKS).

Say we have a Kubernetes workload that requires a…

John Tucker

Broad infrastructure, development, and soft-skill background

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